The Hive Founders

CEO & Director of Social Care 

Su Sleet 

Su Sleet is a passionate HCPC registered Social Worker and advocate of supporting people, teams and organisations to deliver the best out comes for their clients. A life long dedication to social care has given Su a wealth of knowledge that is often lost in the hectic nature of life. Learning to harness the lessons of experience is not often a priority, but when time is given to experience the benefits are extraordinary.  

Su started her working life as a frontline Police office before being injured in the line of duty. She went on to serve as a Foster Carer for 11 years. Providing a safe, positive and productive home environment for over 90 young people, Working with a London Authority, as well as other groups. Many of the young people Su and her family supported, were seen as high risk. as the professionals felt that the experiences, the children and young people had, would make it too difficult to place in a home setting. Almost all but a few placements the Sleet family were able to prove the professionals wrong. 


The lessons learned during those years led Su to study and qualify as a Social worker, in a career spanning almost 3 decades Su has worked in various parts of the UK including London. Holding posts including Senior Team Manager and Group Manager. Working across the Children's Social Care portfolio, Mentoring & supporting professionals at all levels, across the full range of MASH disciplines. She has been a staunch defender of child centred best practice and has a history of developing supportive and effective teams, including those deemed to be in special measures. 

Managing Director

David Sleet


Having a lifetime of social care involvement: David has a truly unique insight to support provision available and the impacts of fractured, short sighted or constrained support. He has been a Carer for those preparing to leave care for almost 10 years and has spent over 20 years training and coaching for multiple sectors.


David is a published author and a qualified Life Coach who uses Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) techniques & approaches and works from a psychodynamic base to give an exceptionally focused and effective platform to supporting those in need. 


David has designed, tested and delivered all the programmes for The Hive. The programmes are designed from scratch and each group session can have a range of focus threads woven through them, to enhance the experience for those in the room.


Working nationally and internationally David has developed an ingrained ability to quickly and effectively identify needs and design solutions that are not only cost effective and long lasting but also enhance the individuals life experience.


He has over 2 decades experience in the Hospitality sector and has redesigned: induction packages, training protocols & appraisal procedures and written staff handbooks, as well as delivering training on everything from emergency procedures to effective account management.


David is driven to find solutions that improve outcomes. His impact has been recognised by the

Do Good Now Global organisation. Inviting him to be a category Judge at their forth coming Leadership and Business Awards. 

Community Learning Division of Ayanay Psychological Accreditation Membership 

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