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We believe improving the long term successes for those that live and work, connected to the Social Care sector is possible by developing core skills and understandings.  For too long support has been delivered from a collection of  tick box checklists, designed to protect the system. The unintended side effect of this approach is when  things don't improve for the individual, the system can claim to have done everything it could, because all the boxes were checked. so failure is the result of the individual. It is this same approach, that often results in a young person being connected to the system in the first place.

At the Hive we support Young People, Their Carers and the Professionals to improve their own levels of Knowledge, Confidence & Communication at a core level. This builds, resilience and self respect, which improves interactions, planning processes, responsiveness over reactive outbursts,  and ultimately improves psychological well being.

Collectively resulting in improved working relationships, reduced professional involvement, improved engagement, leading to improved long term outlooks and successes. While reducing the financial burden on services.