Social Care Reviews
John. A Special Guardian
It's not untrue to say Su changed our lives.
Su was appointed to guide us through the process and to work through several assessment processes. Some time she had to ask us difficult questions or get us to think of difficult outcomes and throughout all this she remained professional and effective.
Su was empathetic to our needs, the parents needs and the child's needs. She was able to explain processes and alleviate all our concerns and worries as they arose.
Su was knowledgeable and in turn gained our confidence and made the situation easy to get through.
After the case Su remained around to guide us through getting used to our new family and was never put out when we called her for advice
We still genuinely appreciate all Su's help and wish her every success and happiness in the future
We are very happy and confident to recommend Su to anyone else who needs her help.
Keisha. An International Social Worker

It was a pleasure to have you as my supervisor while I worked in the UK. Su was very good with providing feedback on all types of cases especially the ones which were very challenging due to her years of experience. She was always very thorough and provided constructive feedback that I could learn from in supervision and also with my reports.


Even to this day I still ask her to view my reports and provide feedback five years later. Su is a valuable asset to any person or organization and I admire her as a person and hope I can be half the supervisor, mentor she has been to me.

Ingrid. A UK Social Worker

Su demonstrated her skills as a motivator; enabler; consultation given on court cases; personal court support before the judges and  quality supervision ensuring that legislation/ policies were implemented effectively on all cases and that time  scales were achieved. 


Su has an array of communication and people skills which enables her to be an extremely good teacher, and an excellent mentor. She is approachable both formally and informally, and will  arrange a time suitable to meet her staff needs, both professionally and personally. 


She has proven herself to be very true, reliable and trust worthy.

I would recommend Su to be a very invaluable person, who has a wealth of unmeasured knowledge from having worked for several council services throughout the country and abroad. 

Coaching & Training Reviews

CC (14) Looked After Child

It was easier to use Rampage when my support workers were using it too. I am now making real progress in school and can see a better future when I leave care.

MAAS (18) High Dependency Student

Rampage  has meant I can make better choices about the  relationships I have and I understand how, I respond to situations makes a difference to getting the things I want.

DLC Parent of a Looked After Child

Rampage helped me improve how I engage with my daughters and the professionals working with us. On Your Marks helped me focus on my abilities and motivation to get in to work. 

Further Education Tutor

Seeing any student come out of their shell is rewarding, seeing a roomful of students engage and remain engaged throughout the course was phenomenal. The confidence and  communication levels after the course has made college life for students and staff much easier.  

CB Independant Social Worker

I highly recommend absolutely outstanding, refreshing and exactly what is needed across all aspects of education, mental health and safeguarding.... exceptional concepts that stand out and will make the difference that is very long overdue and needed.

LH Mother of a Young Adult

After being introduced to The Hive, my overall findings where no less than awesome. Regarding mental health the Hive should be 'just what the doctor orders. I would suggest if schools are struggling to get the help required they should be directing there attention to the training of the teachers and a change in the education system that focuses on Core Skills required for life. As advocated by The HIVE.