The Hive SPECIAL PROJECTS TEAM is dedicated to finding solutions whether that is through working with DWP, Local Authorities, 3rd Sector Agencies, Business Leaders, and even the amazingly talented young people across the UK.   


Social Care Recommendations

Our Special Projects Team have produced the first in a series of recommendations that support, enhance, and develop the efficiencies of Children's Social Care provision.


Hive Group UK Recommendations for Long-term Sustainable and Effective Social Care Provision focuses on 3 primary contact points for Development

  • First Contact. The Initial assessment of a Child In Need

  • Consistent Placement Option Policies

  • Early Self Help and Training for Children and Families

The Team are currently testing policy enhancements in 

  • Local Authority Foster Care  

  • Private Foster Care

  • Kinship Based Care 

  • Residential / Secure Care  

  • Adoption

The Team have a single underlining principle. Every child's long term, emotional & psychological well-being, protection and development must be considered at every stage.

The Hive supporting the Ex-Military Community

The Special projects team are developing a series of 'Sponsor A Seat' events. The events allow small and medium enterprises to Sponsor A Seat so that Ex - Military Personnel and their Person of Significance can complete the 1st Part of our BITIMO for Veterans. Starting the process of transition to a successful life after the Military. 

With a multitude of charities focused on supporting people when transition has proved too difficult and life has started to breakdown. Hive Group UK is confident that supporting the Ex-Military community before they experience negative impacts is not only beneficial to Veterans and their families but to business as well. After all, businesses are going to need new sources of recruitable talent in the coming months. 

Sponsor A Seat gives business a genuine opportunity make ae a change that makes a difference in the long term futures of our Ex-Military Community.

Community Learning Division of Ayanay Psychological Accreditation Membership 

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