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Children's Social Care

The Rampage Collection:

Designed specifically for the social care sector. The only program currently available in the UK that brings Young people ''In Care"  their carers and their lead professional together into the same learning experience.

Rampage 1.0 

11-14 YEARS  LAC     

Carers / Parents  


Rampage HD  (Higher Dependency)  

16-19 Years

Educators / Key Workers


Rampage Professional 

Social Workers

Residential & Key Workers

Educators / Carers

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Education & Employability


Storytelling with The Mouse

A Package of 3 Storytelling workshops to support children of primary school age around topics of Coercive behaviours, Cheating & Bullying.

The BITIMO Collection

A program for those experiencing transition. This can be:

Those preparing to leave the UK Military

Those 17+ years old, that are preparing to leave Social Care.

Domestic Abuse Survivors

This program allows individuals to work with a person of significance, on a structured development pathway to independent living and effective employability.

The Creative Hive

Supporting those we work with to develop their own entrepreneurial projects.

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The Justice Sector


Steps To Success:

Proving support for those connected to the Justice Sector.

Designed to empower individuals to develop their core skills and knowledge to make positive choices and reduce the negative reactions to situations that they may find difficult to cope with. 

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Selection & Induction


The Hive Skills for Service program is a Selection and Induction package that supports the Hospitality, Leisure, Retail, Travel, Construction & Service sectors. We bring a new and    innovative approach, that supports the development of Knowledge, Confidence, Effective Communication Pathways and Coping Capabilities. Raising the level of Service in all team members, no matter what their experience is.


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Articles, Updates & Our 1st Book

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This work is not a ‘How To’ guide, it is intended to provide the reader with a series of concepts for their consideration in developing a wider sense of personal core understanding, that can increase an individual’s resilience and coping capabilities, to achieve positive improvements in the outcomes to situations they are either currently facing or may face in the future.

Our Future

The Hive is always developing new  programmes that allow us to support as many people as possible. To this goal the Hive is currently promoting our 1st Contact Assessment Protocols for the Social Care Sector.

The Hive 1st Contact Assessment is focused on allowing the process to become supportive  from the outset will, we believe reduce the need for state intervention in many case and expedite effective communication and increase multi agency working from the start.


Removing the perception of a person or family having to fail an assessment in order to access support will improve the working relationships and public perception of a service actively supporting those in need from the point of first contact. 

The Hive Assessment will not only make life easier for professionals, reduce long term costs, but helps families and young people support themselves.

Community Learning Division of Ayanay Psychological Accreditation Membership 

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