The Hive offers Companies, Organisations, Charities, Youth & Community Groups the opportunity to grow and develop the core skills for success. We have developed a choice of 21 elements that exist in all successful people and companies. These seminars are each 1 hour long. They can be linked together or delivered as stand alone presentations. Alternatively they can be delivered as a bespoke programme of workshops, that maximize the potential of the learning power they bring to an audience.     

The Keys to Success Seminar Collection.

1.    Moving Forward                

2.    It's time to play    be the game                

3.    Train Hard - Work Smart - Win Easy

4.    Reaction vs Response

5.    Types of Personalities

6.    Building Your Own Team

7.    TUB Ratings

8.    Decision Making

9.    Getting on TRACK

10.  Great Interactions

11.  Building a positive wall

12.  Knowledge + Communication + Confidence = Passion

13.  Who am I

14.  Safe Me

15.  My Story, My Future

16.  Needs, Wants & Desires

17.  When things go wrong

18.  Protecting My Attitude

19.  A New Outlook

20.  Effective Planning

21.  Excuses or Results