For decades the challenge of reducing reoffending has existed and with mixed results. In recent times the focus has moved to education, Employment & 3rd Sector partnerships. With some phenomenal results for those that are able to connect to these packages. It has been shown that successful engagement with Education, Employability & Enterprise programmes is a large contributor to reducing reoffending. Our Youth Justice Division is focused on increasing the take up and completion of such programmes. 

The Hive believes that our, 'Steps to Success' programme offers a practical support that can increase the engagement level with education and employability programmes for those connected to the Justice Sector. 

Steps to Success is probably The Hive's most versatile programme as it can be broken down and delivered in a variety of arenas. 


  • As a condition of a Police Caution being issued.

  • Pre Sentencing as a commitment to change.  

  • As part of Prison Induction.

  • Pre Release. 

  • Post Release in conjunction with the Probation Service.  

The Hive is confident that by providing young people the emotional and psychological skills through this programme, they will develop the resilience's and coping strategies that allow for positive decisions to be made about their future choices in life. 

Community Learning Division of Ayanay Psychological Accreditation Membership 

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