• The length and type of service is not a prerequisite to inclusion.

  • No attendees are invited to explore their experiences, the focus is all on the future.

  • The package is not a silver bullet that fixes all challenges in regard to Transition.

  • Person of Significance can be a spouse, a sibling, a parent, a friend, or whoever is the most important person in the life of a former member of our armed forces.


BITIMO is delivered in 2 distinct parts:


On Your Marks: A one day Core skills Seminar. That allows for increased communication and awareness to be developed. (For some this single session will be sufficient to allow for transition both in the home and working arena to be smoother.) On Your Marks can be delivered to up to 50 personnel plus their Person of Significance, (100 people total).


Ready, Set, Go:  A three day series of specific workshops and presentations, that give attendees a solid base for living outside the structures of the Military. Ready, Set, Go is delivered in tandem with Hive Group UK partners that bring a depth of experience and expertise to enhance the overall, benefits of the package.

A Facebook group just for the Ex Military Community

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