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It seems for as long as anyone can remember, Social Care has been on the same path, leading to the same destination. With some amazing exceptions that buck the trend of arrested development, which have in the large part been achieved in spite of the system not because of it. 

The team have seen first hand, for over 30 years how the system has become strained at best and broken at worst. This despite the best efforts of those working within it. There are a million excuses why the system has reached this stage and is delivering the results it is. There is only one reason though, Fear of Change. The system has become so fearful, it is in survival mode. Self protecting the processes and decisions made rather than seek out flexible responses to individual situations.

This is ultimately the slow development of reaction after reaction to negative events, poor decision making and crucially short term financial planning. The only way for the crisis, that currently grips the Social Care sector to be alleviated is for real change. Not just a repackaging of the service. 



  • Policy, Procedure, and Protocol Development.

  • Completion and review of Special Guardianship & Fostering Assessments.

  • Supervision & Reports.

  • Coaching & Mentoring for Social Care Practitioners at all levels of experience. 

  • Managerial oversight, Problem solving, Supervision support.

  • Support systems for Special Guardians.

  • Court Training and Preparation.

  • The APA Assessment Protocol. 

We offer a range of supportive systems for major contact points within Social Care operations.

This Includes:

The Induction and Probationary Pack

The Appraisal Hub

The Crisis, Disaster & Emergency Plans.

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The backbone of Social is having relevant and effective policies and procedures, that provide maximum protection and flexibility to professionals and ensuring that every child’s long term, emotional & psychological, protection and development must be considered at every stage.

We are proud to say we provide Local Authorities and others with effective and robust policies, procedures, and protocols, that allow for consistent, effective, positive outcomes.

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