The APA Community Learning Hive offers a truly unique range of pure CBT based programmes to support people with experiences that can prove to be disadvantageous. 


​To provide genuine support to those disadvantaged by life, so they can develop the core personal skills that allow them to improve their long-term outcomes, thrive & enjoy a future in spite of their histories.

#theapaway is to empower self-awareness and enhance psychological awareness for ALL.

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The programmes from APA Community Learning Hive are designed to support those in need. 

  • Young people and professionals connected to Children's Social Care

  • The Justice Sector

  • The Ex-Military Community

  • Those experiencing Domestic Abuse - 1976ers

  • Employers looking to enhance their Social engagement and Community Responsibility

  • Business Selection and Induction

The APA Community Learning Hive also offers support and guidance to those connected to the children's social care sector. 

Social Care Navigators

Social Care Policy Development

Independent Social Care Supervision

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The APA Starter Pack


This starter Pack has been put together to support all therapeutic professionals, whether you are taking the first steps into private practice, or looking at an employed path. In which case, this Starter Pack should only be used to support any employer’s documentation.  


Starting a career in any sector can be overwhelming, but in the therapeutic arena it is vital that all the foundations are in place and that, as you start out, you have the best possible base from which to grow and succeed. 

The APA Starter Pack includes:

Business Canvas Templates

Supervision Agreement

Therapeutic and Confidentiality Agreement

Living Will Template

and more....




The Psychological Hive

Connectivity for Success

by David A Sleet

This guide is the culmination of over 20 years of research, and shows how the elements that exist in the most successful companies and people, can be replicated in all of us. By focusing on the elements of success we can build our own psychological hive and connect those elements for our own success.

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